American Airlines
Gas Model Club

Model Airplane Club Founded in 1938


Welcome to the American Airlines Gas Model Club! 

AAGMC is one of the oldest model airplane clubs in Ohio having been established in 1938.  We are a club composed of many different interests in R/C flying.  AAGMC member interest includes powered ships, sailplanes, DLG, combat, 3D, indoor flight, slope, helecopters and even drones!


Our membership includes pilots with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert.  Our main objective is to provide a Safe and Enjoyable flying experience for our members in any and all forms of RC model aviation.


Come join us at our Lodi, OH flying field or any of our 3 other slope flying sites.  Memebership in the American Airlines Gas Model Club is open to all AMA members and the 2021 dues are $100.   Membership Application